Pro In-Line Skaters Come To Tallahassee

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"A lot of people skate a lot more than I do and definitely love it just as much as I do," said Mike Lilly, professional skater.

A group of professional in-line skaters stopped through Tallahassee as they tour the southeast.

"It's pretty important to all of us just to be able to do it and keep doing it. even though it's hard to make any money doing it. Even if you're a professional," said Michael Braud, tour organizer.

Dollar signs aren't the motivation for these skaters.

"Having fun, getting away from your parents or school or work and just being yourself. It's just about individuality," added Lilly.

"Roller blading is pretty much the 'funnest' thing in my life. Better than anything. Even if I had no money I can still put on my skates and have everyday," said Frank Irven, professional skater.

The skaters put on a show, performing stunt after stunt. And if somebody took that ever so painfully looking fall, it was no sweat for them to get back up on their wheels.

"My knees feel old and I'm pretty sore but I'm definitely not going to stop. I'll die in roller blades if I have to. Cause I'm not going to stop," said Lilly.

The next stop for the skaters is Valdosta.