Little Giants: Skate and Bike Brothers

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Whether it's two wheels or four wheels, it doesn't matter to these two Tallahassee brothers. They're going to get them kick started and at the Tallahassee Skate Park, that's just what they did.

"Just skating, riding around on my bike, riding my rip stick and my scooter," said David Wild.

"I'm out here riding my rip stick, having fun. seeing what I can do," said James Story.

And they rode their wheels through the skate park's hills and valleys.

"You get to swerve and go over ramps and stuff," added Story.

"Cause you get to be in the air. It's fun," said Wild.

The boys say nothing compares to the adrenaline rush they get when they hit the dips and cracks of the track.

"It's like riding a roller-coaster cause it gets your stomach and stuff and you just like ramp and its fun," added Wild.

"I feel like it's my life...cause it's real fun," said Story.

The two come from a generation of athletes. They are the younger brothers of a three sport female athlete at Godby high school.

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