Ultimate Frisbee Gaining Popularity in the Big Bend

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It's becoming a weekly feature, WCTV sends the cameras out into town to find out what the latest activities are that are keeping you busy. Well on Sunday, the newest interest was in Ultimate Frisbee.

Not a bad way to enjoy the temperatures when they were warm. This right here is a group of Rickards High students throwing the disc around in Tallahassee.

They have told us that they're interested in forming a club at their school, but have yet to find an on-staff adviser.

So for now, they keep their favorite sport to Sundays.

"I really hasn't played ultimate very much at all and there's a group started on facebook, and I joined it, and I really enjoyed it, it's just a great running, back and forth, and I can do that well," says Ultimate Frisbee Enthusiast Emily Moline.

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