NFL Recap, Jaguars Lose, Antonio Cromartie Shines

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The Jacksonville Jaguars were considered by many critics as the team that can best challenge the Patriots and perhaps that's true.

The Patriots beat the Jags by 11 points on Saturday. The Jaguars did a sensational job at eliminating the deep throws, but Tom Brady's precision combined with Lawrence Maroney's resurrection was enough to end the Jaguars season.

The Pats host the Chargers on Sunday.

As for the Chargers, Tallahassee's Antonio Cromartie was once again the center of attention. Having already picked Peyton Manning 3-times the first time the two met earlier in the regular season, Cromartie did this yesterday on WCTV.

The touchdown was called back, but it was a big enough play to turn the tides of the game.

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