Got Game: Kiara Gay

Wakulla High school is trying to lift some big names out of their War Eagles sports program. Linebacker Nigel Bradham will be on display this Spring and next season for FSU, but if you look on the basketball court, everything all leads back to senior guard Kiara Gay.

Nate Jackson, Wakulla Girls Basketball Coach said:
"She's really changed the game around. Her hustle starts from the beginning until the end and never gives up. She's a senior now so she's just like the quarterback on the team."

Gay has taken her on-the-court leadership to a level that's become infectious to the rest of her Lady War Eagles teammates.

Coach Jackson said:
"They've played together so long that they sometimes look to her and they feed off eachother. She's the lead pack and everybody falls in line. That's how we get it done."

And with Kiara Gay running the point, expect the Wakulla Girls basketball team to show off a lot of game, the rest of the way.

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