The Ultimate Fun

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It's called Ultimate Frisbee and it's for recreation now. Mainly played as a club sport on the high school level. A group of students say they hope their Sunday fun could one day become a bona fide high school sport.

"The great thing about Frisbee is that you don't really need many people or much skill or much equipment to play. You just have a disk, you have some friends and you sort of play this 'spiritful', not very competitive game," said Rickards High student Ian Elsner.

The disk-tossing co-ed sport has been around for decades. It involves multiple players who depend on each other to score. And it's the sport's team orientation and self-officiating approach that has these students wanting to see it become more popular.

"I feel like its a great opportunity for kids to get exercise in something that is not hard core at least as of yet as something like football, baseball or other varsity sports. We just come out here run around and have some fun," said Rickards High student Allan Long.

"I picked it up really fast and I think most people can. Its really basic motions, just flicking your wrist, just running back and forth and if you got spirit you can play," added Rickards High student Emily Moline.

Ultimate Frisbee is known for its 'spirit of the game.' And for this group of high school students, they are definitely feeling just that, 'the spirit of the game.'

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