Tallahassee's New Up and Coming Boxing Prospects

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On the walls hang the pictures of champions. And since 1990, the Tallahassee Boxing Club Fighting Tigers have given residents the chance to join the winner's row.

"Give them an opportunity to utilize their aggressiveness and hostility in a positive way. Instead of going towards guns and gangs," said Fighter Tigers Coach Alonzo Johnson.

The gym has produced four national champions and currently has two fighters ranked in the top 10 nationally.

"It's an honor to work in the same gym as them. And them coming in teaching us new things, sparring with us, giving us work. It's just an honor," said Fighting Tigers Boxer Adam Reeves.

"I'm in the right place with the right coaching staff. That's all we need. We don't need nothing fancy. We just need what we got," said Fighting Tigers Boxer Chris Bloom.

Bloom and Reeves are two up and comers destined for greatness. Bloom is back in the ring after nearly a decade away from boxing. If there was any rust, Bloom got rid of that quickly. He's only posted marks in the win columns.

"Nothing is better than the feeling of success. Nothing is greater than that. Good health, good record, good coach. Fighting Tigers," added Bloom.

Reeves is an amateur who has seen much success inside the ropes.
The 16-year-old is driven by a family legacy that was halted until Reeves got it back going.

"My father, he use to box when he was in the military. He always wanted to go pro but instead he became a preacher. I felt like it would be his dying wish also for me to be a boxer," added Reeves.

In a sport where you watch your opponent's every move, It may not be a bad idea to watch these fighters as they try to move to the top of the ranks.

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