Art Witters Recognized for His Amazing Coaching Career in Tallahassee

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He's known for coaching al over Tallahassee. Recently Coach Art Witters was recognized for his accomplishments with his induction in the FACA Hall of Fame. Witters' coaching roots in Tallahassee run deep starting at Florida High, then onto Godby where he led the Cougar football program to 22 straight victories and a couple state titles. Also, turned a hapless girls basketball program, and found success with the boys program. Led Deer Lake middle school to a city championship. This past year he just fell short of getting Chiles Football to their first playoff appearance ever.

"The kids responded well. I had a great group. I got a bunch of seniors that we're gonna lose. I wanted to win for them more then anything." Says Chiles Head Coach Art Witters
Some people are lucky enough to know what they were meant to do and coach Witters is blessed in that regard.

"Started with a Parks and recreation kind of job in high school. It was really fun to be called coach. A man named Tommy Milloy that lives in Trenton that I coached with the first six years I coached. Most of what I do I owe to him." Says Witters
Coach Witters knack for leading young people comes from being a father and treating every Child like their his own.

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