Learn How to Shoot From Former Marines

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Did you know that Apalachicola Forest has a hidden gem for sportsman? Lamar Thomas and Jaron Lawson are ex-marines that frequent the gun range. While one reason they go is to become more skilled with their guns, there are plenty of valuable lessons to be learned there especially if you're just starting out.

"If you're going to have a fire arm, you should know how to use it and know how to us it well. Safety is very, very important. Coming out here and talking to other people, you learn your weapon and become accustomed to it." Says Former Marine Jaron Lawson

"Being safe out here makes me feel comfortable. Just come out here to have a ball. To Shoot and learn new things every day." Says Former Marine Lamar Thomas
So once you've mastered the safety aspect, it's time to practice shooting. The most frequent mistake sportsman make is allowing yourself to get fatigued and lose accuracy.

"The trick is trying to control your breathe the same time as your shooting. They have the figure eight method. Where you actually go above the target in a figure eight. Once you align your sights with the target while you're doing the figure eight, that's when you pull the trigger." Says Lawson
Just a few tips to help the sportsman and hunters be safer, but the best learning experience is to actually head to your local gun range and talk to experts yourself.

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