Special Olympics Hoops

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At first look it seems like any other Leon High basketball game, but then you see one of the Lion's stars, Austin Danton, watching from the bleachers. He along with hundreds of his classmates came out to cheer at the Leon/Ever hart Special Olympics basketball game.
Leon High School's principal Rocky Hanna says, "It's a wonderful opportunity and it's a humbling experience. It gives our kids a chance to cheer on some kids that actually need a little pick-'em up."
Gretchen Everhart's Special Olympics campus coordinator Jenny Chang says, "Students with special needs can be very athletic and are very athletic. They love competition and they love performing. They love being a team and working together as a team."
Hanna adds, "I've never seen a bigger group of kids that are as competitive as they are and it doesn't matter what their disability is. They have sportsmanship and they play hard and they have fun. They have hearts as big as gold."
The Gretchen Everhart cheerleaders got to strut their stuff on this day and it didn't matter that Red beat Blue 25-20. What mattered were the smiles of joy and the bonds of friendship.