Little Giants: Soccer Star

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The Little Giant is small in stature, but provides a big kick for the Maclay girls soccer team. Jenna Peck has not even started high school, yet she's found her way onto the varsity team.

"I was excited that I got to get pulled up in the 7th grade. I was thinking that it was going to be fun to play," says Peck.

"It's really great. She's so tiny and cute. It's weird to think that I was like that," says Peck teammate Callie Corbin Langford.

She's no roster filler. In her fourth varsity game, Peck scored 2 of the teams 6 goals. As for the game, it just happened to be a regional quarterfinal match.

"I think it's fun that I score against the varsity teams because I'm in the 7th grade," adds Peck.

"She's doing really great. And I can only hope that I made such an impact as she has on this team. But I'm not sure. She's a great addition to the team. I'm really glad she's here," says Langford.

Peck has earned the respect of her teammates. And her quickness on the field has given her a fast start to what may become a legendary career.

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