Rattler Swimmer Shining Bright for FAMU

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M.J. El Amin's future coming out of high school could not have been brighter just missing the cut in the 2004 Olympic trials. Unfortunately, after a tremendous freshman season, he suffered the loss of his brother. To make matters worse, FAMU was forced to cut the swimming program and pull M.J.'s scholarship. While his teammates transferred to other schools, El Amin stuck around and worked his way through his sophomore year.

"I stayed because I actually came down to Florida A&M for a reason. I wanted to do all that I could do as far as putting Florida A&M, as far as putting an HBCU on the map as far as swimming." Says M.J. El Amin

"Of course it also speaks to his dedication to the educational process. Staying at an institution trying to earn a degree at the institution of his choice." Says interum head swimming and diving coach Dr. E. Newton Jackson

M.J.'s dedication was soon rewarded. Swimming returned to the Rattlers Athletic Program. His scholarship was restored. The Olympics dreams once again, had some life.

"As far as me training for the Olympics, that's definitely not a distant goal. It's definitely here, and the time is definitely now." Says El Amin

Today he represents the Orange and Green, one day he hopes to don, the red, white, and blue.

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