VSU Big Three Hope for Win Number Three In a Row

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The Valdosta State Blazers know a little something about veteran leadership. They boast the big three seniors, Ricky Coleman, Jamahl Stokes, and Devario Hudson, and now hope to get another big three,

A three game winning streak can be had with a win over West Florida.

While the Blazers have been riding the talent and hustle of their seniors all season, Coach Mike Helfer knows that for success in the future, some of the attitude and character of his stars will have to rub off on the team's youth.

"Can't train it, I mean it's their play, but what about their heart. Ricky had missed a few before he hits the game-winner, and Devario just took the game on his shoulders and just carried us, but you have to make mention of Washington, he hasn't played a lot of minutes, but he got in there and played some minutes, and it's important to us," says coach Helfer.

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