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"It's nerve wrecking of course, but it's exhilarating. I love it," said International Swooper Brian McNenney.

McNenney represents America in international competition. The Florida State graduate ranks amongst the best at floating the high altitudes.

"I trained hard for it. So when you succeed at the international level, its just a feeling of satisfaction. Because all the hard work paid off," said McNenney.

McNenney issued me a challenge to tandem jump and I eagerly accepted.

"Just something I always wanted to try. I tried it out and I really liked it. So ever since, I just kind of pursued it. Then I saw what swooping was about and I thought that was something I wanted to do so I started pursuing that," said McNenney.

McNenney said he was more frightened by his second ever jump, then his first one. He said he overwhelmed by so much excitement the first time, it was no room for fear.

"It all happened so fast. I really didn't even have time to be scared because it was all happening so fast. The doors opening, what's going on, all of a sudden we're out the door. And it was a rush of emotions." added McNenney.

The School of Human Flight is where McNenney learned to set those fears aside as he takes to the skies.

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