Tallahassee Catching Racing Fever on a Smaller Scale

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It's the time of year that everyone is catching racing fever. Even in Tallahassee where the best racing comes from remote controlled car racers.

"The cars are basically like a real car. You can do any set up you want to it. Only limited by your imagination basically." Says Racer Mark Newland

"Yeah, we get to watch the race on Sunday and act like you know, and we don't have to spend nearly as much money." Says Racer Jim Dispennette

The similarities with NASCAR don't end with the competitive aspect.

"Believe it or not, even though the cars are very small, there's still a little draft behind them. You can actually suck right up to the guy behind you just like in NASCAR." Says Newland

These racers take the competition so serious that some spend every extra moment on their cars.

"I probably spend a good 20 hours during the week." Says Dispennette
But eve for the novice racer, coming to the track at Tom Brown Park is all about fun.

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