Little Giants: Varsity 8th Grader

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It's like deja vu. They share the same bloodline and both represent the Eagles. The difference, Milan Clayton is the future of girls basketball at North Florida Christian and her sister K.K. Clayton is a former NFC star.

"She's always a penetrating point guard, but I'm more of the shooting point guard. And she doesn't shoot as much as she needs to. That's just kind of helped me in trying to learn stuff more from her and her penetrating game," says Milan Clayton.

At first glance, the sure dribbling, flash passing point guard looks like any other high schooler. But once you learn the high school varsity starter is still in middle school, her ball handling and game managing skills really stand out.

"I played with these girls year round for about 5 years. So I'm use to playing with them. I know how they play, they know how I am. So it's been really great and the coach is great," adds Clayton.

The eighth grader has star-like qualities and has yet to reach her full potential. The name Milan Clayton is one sports fans can expect to hear for years to come.

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