WCTV Offers Exclusive Nascar Coverage

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A simple trip to Daytona Beach definitely puts the NASCAR scene into perspective. The sport has a following unlike any other. but it's not just about the thousands of fans that follow their favorite drivers. Behind every great driver is a crew whose lives also depend on running a good race.

"That's part of it, You live together and you die together. Where the highs are very high and the lows are very low... But winning is a cool thing. It's a cool thing to do is winning out here," says car number 20 car chief Jason Shapiro.

Stewart's crew has helped the Number 20 machine stay in the hunt at Daytona. In his last 6 races at the track, Stewart has 3 Top 5 Finishes.

Shapiro says, "when we get the setup right and everything clicking on all cylinders, we can really dominate and that's a fun thing to do."

But it's not all fun & games... There's another following these teams get that's not by choice.

"There's 7 different inspection areas they go to in order to get to the starting grid. It deals with the wheels, and the bearings, and the chasis, the body... Everything basically it's a pretty detailed process. It takes just about 2 hours to complete that trip through the inspection stations," says NASCAR Inspections Chief John Darby.

So far it's been a quiet week of inspections at the Speedway. Of course that just sets the stage for us to continue following your favorite driver... and crews.

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