Dale Junior and Denny Hamlin Win Gatorade Duels

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It certainly is an extended week of Nascar. Usually there are qualifiers and then the main event. That's not how we roll for the Daytona 500.

We've had the Bud Shoot-out, qualifiers, and now the Gatorade Duels... and keep an eye on Junior.

He fought for position with former teammate Martin Truex Jr, got by him, and ended up in victory lane.

But wait there's more, time for the second Gatorade Duel, keep an eye on Denny Hamlin's car, remember he struggled late last season when it mattered most, but it looks like he's ready to put that in the rear-view, he too, a Gatorade Duel winner.

So the pole will go to Jimmy Johnson, followed by Waltrip, Dale Junior, and then Denny Hamlin.

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