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It's the final Friday for Daytona Speedweeks here at the Daytona International speedway and the excitement is overflowing!

The fans weren't the only ones doing the talking. In fact, we caught up with a few past Daytona 500 champions and they were all more than ready to make another trip to victory lane, this Sunday.

"Thousands of excellent race car drivers have never visited victory lane and you are a part of a group that has been in our biggest race," says Dale Jarrett.

"I never believed it was attainable... But experiencing it and going through it, there's nothing else like it," adds Jimmie Johnson.

"I feel like the 3rd (Daytona 500 victory) was better than the 1st because I have a better appreciation for it," comments Jeff Gordon.

Having already won the Bud Shootout and the Gatorade Duel, Dale Jr seems to have the hottest engine on the track.

"Dale Junior is gonna have a great year. He gives them (Hendrick Motorsports) everything they need to be successful. Everything, and Junior is a great driver," adds Darrell Waltrip.

And right now that great driver hasn't lost a race this season. Of course Speedweek's Grand Finale is anyone's guess, but you can be assured that all of your favorite drivers will add to the excitement.

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