Texting Games

ATLANTA (AP) _ A free service at Philips Arena allows fans to use their cell phones and PDAs to send a text message that scrolls across the arena's main scoreboard.

Once an onsite editor deems the message appropriate, it goes on display for the entire crowd.

Twenty-eight-year-old Devrin Harris used the service during an Atlanta Hawks-Detroit Pistons game to propose to his girlfriend, Jamie Shaw.

The wireless industry, which estimates that 1 billion text messages are sent each month in the U.S., has created a technology that could bring a back-end windfall to teams and venues in the next few years.

Important to the Hawks was capturing Harris' cell phone number, a potential gold mine in business.

By giving personal information like a cell phone number or an e-mail address, fans do more than improve a team's marketing efforts with better target demographics.

But how did the proposal go for Harris?

He says, "I got a yes.''

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