Got Game: Heaveny Lawrence RC Racing

WCTV is back from Daytona 500, refreshed and ready to talk about more racing... That's right, we still couldn't get our fix but this time we're not talking NASCAR... No, we're going local with it. A young lady by the name of Heaveny who seems to be fueled by racing.

The joys of racing include the smooth sounds of revving engines and the sweet smell of diesel. But if you aren't lucky enough to make it out to the speedway, don't worry. The cars are still burning tread at Tom Brown Park.

The wonders of remote control cars have tunred an adolescent toy into bigtime competition for 13 year-old racer Heaveny Lawrence.

Heaveny Lawrence, avid Remote Control car driver:
"It's just fun to get out here and drive the cars and learn new stuff about it."

Lawrence has been a cordless competitor for 2&1/2 years now and is putting in the hardwork needed to find future finish lines.

Lawrence says:
"As much as I can... I try to fix the cars and learn about them... to practice and to try to get better."

And there's no telling where this passion for racing cars will take her, but as fast as she plans on going, success seems to be clearly in her sights.

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