Inside the Game - Mike Helfer Unplugged

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The Valdosta State Blazers had little trouble dispatching of the Reinhardt Eagles on Wednesday night as they opening the game on 31-3 run.
Here now are just some of things hear at that basketball game at the P.E. Complex in Valdosta, GA.
"Alright, don't try to do stuff that you're not used to doing. You know just think back to our last game and correct the mistakes from the last game going into this game."
"Let's have a good one. Family on three. 1,2,3... Family!"
"Hey guys."
"What's up coach."
"Depends on the outcome.. haha."
"Steph, 2 guys up top."
"Devario set this ball screen. Alright we're going to come over the top. Instead of smoke, back screen for Devario."
"Pressure. Pressure. Pressure, Devario. Pressure. Help. Help."
"Good job, white!"
"We're not pressuring."
"Carry. Tell me he didn't shuffle his feet right there."
The Valdosta State Blazers were able to shuffle their way off the court with another victory in hand.

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