Marlins New Ballpark Passes Checkpoint

MIAMI (AP) _ The Florida Marlins finally have an agreement for
the baseball-only ballpark they have coveted for nearly a decade.
Still, their long fight for a new home is far from over.
After lengthy and often-contentious debate, Miami-Dade County
commissioners voted 9-3 Thursday night to approve a basic plan for a 515 million-dollar, retractable-roof stadium. It would open in time for
the 2011 season.
City commissioners approved the Baseball Stadium Agreement by a
4-1 vote several hours earlier.
The 37,000-seat facility would be at the site of the Orange
Bowl, which is to be demolished in the coming months. This is the
closest the Marlins have been to fulfilling their stadium quest.
But several issues remain unresolved. Among them is the thorny
matter of deciding if city or county police and fire departments
will be patrolling the new facility. An agreement on that issue
must be struck within 30 days, or the plan would likely be doomed.

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