Every Team Has A Story: NFC Girls' Hoops Are State Champs

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For the third consecutive season, the North Florida Christian Lady Eagles soared their way to the State Championship game. What made this season different from others was that they returned home from Lakeland, with a State Title in tow.

NFC Head coach Aaron Krause says, "Everyone here is on cloud nine. It's just good that our team was able to finally bring one home, and our fans are really excited, and to bring one home to our school and also to the city of Tallahassee, so that feels really good."

This state title is as sweet as it gets for the Lady Eagles. For two years in a row, they only had runner-up banners to remind them of a glaring hole. Coming into the season, the Lady Eagles have never won a State Title in any sport.

NFC assistant coach Carla Greene adds, "They keep saying third time is a charm, and they did come through, and it's great to finish with that win."

Krause adds, "I think we know what it is to lose... I told my girls to enjoy every minute of it, and to soak it up."

With just 7 Lady Eagles on the State Title roster, the 2008 season will be remembered for accomplishing the unprecedented.

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