FSU Women Use Secret Weapon to Increase Toughness

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The age old stereotype of playing like girls does not apply here.
To compete in the ACC, playing physical is the only option. Did you know that Florida State has a secret weapon. They practice against men.
"They pressure the dog out of us. Play like men. Foul, everything. It helps us out a lot." Says Point Guard Courtney Ward

Some people find it odd seeing the women play the men, but the heightened physicality in practice translates into results on the court.

"So when you get out on the court it makes other teams seem slower. It makes things a little easier because you've gone against a tougher opponent in practice every day." Says Guard Mara Freshour

"It's defiantly physical. We come out here. e battle against them everyday and it goes both ways. They're just as big and as strong as us. " Says practice player Ryan Sweat

Griffin Kolchackian, a former high school player, admits that he was quite surprised with the level of play the first time he set foot on the seminole practice court.

Griffin says, "It just takes about one day, one play and you're not sure at first. You know, can I block their shots?...but when they block your shot and back you down and score on you then you get just as mad."

"I think it takes a special guy to have to come and play against girls every day. Put your ego aside." Says assistant coach Lance

But they do it day in and day out with one goal in mind, helping the Lady 'Noles get back to the NCAA Tournament.

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