Preston Parker's Letter of Apology

The following is a letter of apology from Preston Parker in regards to his recent arrest on carrying a concealed weapon and possession of marijuana. The felony charges were reduced to misdemeanors in court Monday morning. The following apology letter is dated May 12th, 2008 and has not been doctored or changed by WCTV in any way.

"To Whom It May Concern:

First off, I want to apologize to my teammates, fans, and most of all my family for placing them in the middle of this kind of predicament. I fully blame myself for being in this situation, because it could've easily been avoided. I also want you to know that whatever my consequences are, I will complete them and complete them in a respectful manner. One message I want the young people to realize is that making a sacrifice for yourself to pursue your dream is not a joke. This situation was a big eye-opener for me and made me realize how your life could be easily ruined over nonsense and lack of focus.

This is a learning experience for me and still has a learning effect on me today as we speak. One thing i can say is that I will get through this dark road, not trying to rush through it, but taking one step at a time. This is my plan, and not just my plan for today or tomorrow, but forever. This is because there will be tons of choices I will have to make in the future in order to become a successful person, player and teammate. Finger pointing isn't a route I will take because I fully blame myself for being in the type of situation that I am dealing with right now.

To all of the kids who look up to me and see me as a role model in their lives and football careers, I speak from my heart when I tell you that I apologize for making a bad decision and also letting you down. I pray and hope that you won't look at me as a bad person, I am not a thug, I am not a gangster, and most definitely I am not a theif. I don't know what the future holds, but I promise whatever it is I will make my teammates, coaches, fans, family, and above all my son proud of me on and off the field. I am truly sorry and I apologize to everyone."

The above letter also featured the authentic signature of Preston Parker.

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