Josh Sammon Prepares For Next Fight

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Just a few weeks ago, the prime time entertainment provided by CBS was Mixed Martial Arts fighting. As we've reported plenty, the sport is represented very well in our coverage area.

With plenty of professional fighters in Valdosta and Tallahassee, there's always a big bout on the horizon.

Today, we draw your attention to Josh Sammon. The Tallahassee fighter has his next match coming up on Saturday, July 19th in Destin, Florida against Garrett Joseph, who has a 7-1 career record.

To prepare Josh won't just be throwing punches. He'll be busy analyzing his moves and taking notes as well.

Josh Sammon says, "We always try to watch feedback, playback, of videos fighting of ourselves training, sparring... that's what makes a good fighter though it being able to see holes and openings in your opponent's game, while you're face-to-face with them."

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