Outside the Athlete: Lorenzo Booker

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Jorge Pedraza is trying to make a difference. The cause: bringing medical supplies and health care personnel to Haiti.

Jorge Pedraza says, "What we're trying to do is start a basic medical program over there and starting off with medical records and moving on to medical supplies and then getting surgeries."

To coordinate this type of project it takes people, so of course Pedraza is calling on everyone he knows including roommate Lorenzo Booker.

Booker says, "Initially he was just telling me about it and I was trying to introduce him to people and the more I helped him, the more interested in it I became and I realized it was a pretty big deal."

Booker had taken his involvement seriously and knows how important it is for him to give back.

Booker says, "There are bigger things than trying to win a National Championship.

A lot of people don't have the opportunity to have your school paid for and do the things that we do, so we're trying to get those people better opportunities."

Booker is quick to direct all the praise to his roommate, although Pedraza is thankful for all of Bookers help.

Pedraza says, "He's helped out a great deal, he went out on foot patrol with me going door to door to different people's offices inside Florida State football organization, trying to invite people out and raise awareness 'cause he knows how much of a deal it is to me, so he decided he would help me out just because he knew how much it would help me."