Outside the Athlete: Signing Day

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Sure the Marcus Sims of the world get all the attention on signing day, but for some, signing on the dotted line is a historic occasion, like Robert Nealy. He's the first in his family to go to college.

Robert Nealy says, "It's real special to me and my mom and my dad that I'm the first one, and I'm just doing something to help my family."

And then there's Chris Atkins from West Gadsden the newest East Carolina Pirate, a place Atkins would never have had the chance to go if it wasn't for football.

Chris Atkins says, "I've seen that the only way I could go to college was to go through football, so I received that at a young age and worked hard to get there and now that chance is finally here."

And then there are stories of sacrifice, like Rod Murray who will not just play football, but will serve his country at West Point.

Rod Murray says, "If the time comes where I have to serve my country I would love to do it, it's not a problem, I'd love to do it, it's just a step I have to take in life."

Three young men all from different areas but they all agree that this opportunity isn't just for them.

Nealy says, "It's really important because I want to be a good role model for my brothers."

Atkins says, "To show the other guys that play with me that it isn't really that hard, you just got to give all you've got on the football field and everything else will come."

Murray says, "I know it's touching to him (Coach Crews), as it is to me and my family members and I hope it'll make Godby look good in the future."

All good reasons to sign on the dotted line.