Roller Hockey Becoming a Pastime in Tallahassee

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It's time to put on the wheels and play some roller hockey. Or at least that's the deal for some Tallahassee hockey players who have just recently started a pick-up league.

Athletes from across the big bend have finally found a means to play some hockey in the area.

The hockey players meet for practice and scrimmages weekly, including brother Sam and Stephen Chase, two local athletes who used to play ice hockey in Syracuse.

They tell us there's quite a different between roller hockey and the coolest game on earth.

Stephen Chase says, "It's a little different by the skating because you slide when you fall and you can't stop really."

Sam Chase says, "It's fun to do it with my brother and it's fun to do roller hockey."

Zach Ducasse says, "It's really fun and we've just been shooting around having a little scrimmage."

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