2300 Mile Roadtrip Planned For Nolemobile

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Some hardcore Seminole fans are about to go on a 2300 mile joy ride.

Members of the Florida State Alumni Association will be driving from Tallahassee to Pasadena for the national championship football game.

The group will stop in Pensacola, New Orleans, Dallas and Phoenix to meet with alumni groups in those cities on the way.

Noles fans with those groups will be able to sign a banner.

It will be on display at the Official Seminoles Gameday Tailgate in Pasadena.

"We'll stop along the way at the clubs and try to get all the fans our and get them excited and pumped up so that even if they can't be in Pasadena, they feel like they're participating in all the great things that are happening," said David Overstreet of the FSU Alumni Association.

The road trip will start at nine in the morning January 2nd at Doak Campbell Stadium.

The nolemobile is scheduled to arrive at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California around noon on January 5th, the day before the game.

The group will chonicle the trip on the website www.DoakToDena.com as well as on facebook and twitter.

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