Outside the Athlete- Maciek Sykut

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Mackiek Sykut's family has won the lottery, now before you go hit him up for a couple of bucks, we're not talking about that kind of jackpot.
Maciek Sykut says, "Thirteen years ago, back when we were in Warsaw, Poland, and my mom entered the lotto for a green card to the U.S., and somehow miraculously she ended up winning the green card and we had about 1 year to make up our minds whether or not we wanted to move to the states."
The family made the move from Poland and ended up in Chicago, but a year later it was time for a warmer climate and a little more luck.
Sykut says, "My dad was looking for work and he was looking for work in Florida, and just happened to get dropped off in Marathon driving through the keys."
"Magic" as his teammates call him, was 5 when his family made the move, to america and the initial transition was very tough.
Sykut says, "It was very difficult at first moving from Europe, not knowing a word of English, it was very tough... but once I learned how to speak English and make friends it was a little bit easier to adjust. Once we moved to Florida it was a lot better. That first year was pretty tough."
"Magic" has obviously made the transition, and who knows, maybe his family will win the lottery again, and then you can ask him for money.