Outside the Athlete - Andy Warner

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Is there a better way to spend a day than on the pitch? Not if you’re Andy Warner, and that's been true his whole life.

Warner says, "Like all young Englishmen at the time as a boy the dream was always to play soccer and I pursued that dream up until I was 16, and like most youth players a big decision was made and my choice was to stay into school and education."

Warner first came to America in 1977 and has had an impact on the game at every level, from collegiate assistant, as a consultant to the World Cup and Major League Soccer, even play by play.

Warner says, "Sunshine Network began to air women's soccer 11 years ago with the University of Florida and I was invited to do some games and I've been doing games ever since."

But Warner's greatest passion lies with the youth and teaching kids about the game he loves.

Warner says, "I think in the last 20 years you've seen a tremendous growth in the game, and it's been at the grass roots level. I grew up in a household that loved the game and all we wanted to do was play. My passion led me to education, and that's what I love to do is educate and try to teach people correctly, and I think that's the greatest thing we do here in Tallahassee."

And with that, don't expect to see Warner finding a better way to spend his days anytime soon.