United We Stand

Rivalry is a huge part of high school athletics and it really doesn't matter the sport. So what could possibly bring together players who compete fiercely during the high school season? How about club soccer?

Andy Warner says, "The Tallahassee United Football Club is a composition of all High School players coming together to play regional events."

Reba Stott says, "It's a very elite team, we get the best players form the High Schools, and we have a lot of fun."

Sure it's fun, but when you mix Lions, T-Wolves, and Trojans, that "R" word will come up.

Stott says, "We're definitely friendly rivals. When we get to High School season we hate each other on the field, but we give each other high fives when we get off the field."
Charlotte Murrell says, "I go harder against my travel team players and we're always competing against each other; it's good friendly competition."

But at the same time it is a team, and to win, players have to put aside high school season.

Stott says, "We definitely have High School pride, but we try to get over that."

Warner says, "When you play High School you focus on High School, and when you're in club, you focus on club."

So for the summer, it's one big happy family, but once high school season comes around, all bets are off.