Coaches Corner: Thomasville Hoopfest

As many are now well aware, the Christmas Holiday is jam packed with high school basketball tournaments, as we've already seen at Maclay and now the Civic Center. But the coaches at Thomasville High School make the pitch that theirs tops them all.

Many high schools host basketball tournaments. But the folks in Thomasville would argue that few are run better than their Holiday Hoopfest.

It started 13 years ago, after participating in another team's tournament, when the Thomasville coaches decided they could do it better. And the rest, as they say, is history.

Thomasville girls head coach Vanisa Brown says, "We just decided to start our own tournament. And it's been very rewarding for our team, and it gives the community a chance to come out with their different family members that's in town, and see how local players play."

Thomasville boys head coach Benjamin Tillman says, "I think it's the home time environment is really what brings them back. We have a hospitality room that is second to none. We also provide a warm welcoming center, here for our coaches and staff and their staff, so I think that's the main thing. They get a chance to stay close to home and still get that feel from their fans."

The promise of quality competition and a chance to keep players active over the break is another draw for participating teams."

Brown adds, "They get kind of excited about it, you know. I tell them it's great competition from the morning to the evening. I say they play eight games, it's all day long. 'It's all day long?' Yeah, it's all day long thing. You got a lot of support. Even if your team might not be there, the people in the stands are going to support you regardless. That's why everybody, they enjoy it."

For these teams that participate year after year, Christmas isn't the only thing to look forward to every December.

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