Got Game: Marrita Royster-Crockett

A lot of our fan favorites are reaching for the professional level... But for one local volleyball standout, that pro level has been an ocean away.
It's time we introduce you to a lady with alot of game.

"I'm Marita Crockett, outside hitter, VBC Chaseaux."

The introduction may seem sweet, but this girls game is vicious.
Crockett's talent turned her into a 21 year-old professional volleyball player for JC Chaseaux in Switzerland-- an experience second to none.

VBC Cheseaux Outside Hitter Marrita Royster-Crockett says:
"My teammates are great... team chemistry."

If her name sounds familiar it's because she played ball in the big bend at Florida high, FSU & FAMU before turning pro.

Crockett says:
"I had to adjust to blocking... Some games I'll be double or triple blocked."

Success has come at a price though.
While her team is still competing, Mari as they call her, is back in Tallahassee to nurse a serious injury

Crockett says:
"It's a condition called compartmental syndrome... Basically my muscles are too big. And I need to have surgery to basically let my muscles breathe."

She's already been picked for the all-star team in April, but with a successful surgery, she should be able to join her team for the playoffs in March.

Now comparisons have already been drawn overseas to her mother & agent Rita Crockett who won a silver medal with the 1984 Olympic team. And it seems that Mari is on a similar path.

Crockett says:
"The Olympics... that's my next goal... And I want to win gold... The United States have never won gold so I want to be part of the team to get a gold medal."

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