Outside the Athlete: Got Milk

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Milk, it does a body good, and that's exactly what the Body by Milk campaign is trying to tell teens.

Kurt Graetzer said, "The campaign itself is grounded on research that shows teenagers that drink milk are leaner and fitter than those who don't which is extraordinarily important for teens."

And a great way to hammer that point across, to grab some milk instead of a soda why not use a "semi popular athlete."

David Beckham said, "For me it's so important for children and teens. Protein is one of the most important thing that children need for muscle and strength."

Add Alex Rodriguez to the mix and you've got some star power, but action still speaks louder than words. Do these guys actually drink milk?

Alex Rodriquez said, "If you want to be strong and you want to be lean, if you want to be fit, I think milk is a great component to your diet. To drink at least three times a day, and milk has always been a big part of my diet."

Beckham said, "I think it's important for my job and my health as well. My sons are the same they drink milk every morning. My wife drinks milk. Our whole family does."

So if milk is good enough for these guys, why not for teenagers.