Seminole Spotlight

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Lorenzo Booker said, "Seminole fans, what's going on, this is Lorenzo Booker here, tailback, Florida State Seminoles. I don't even have to tell you guys how important this week is, it's Florida State-Miami; nothing else needs to be said. I'm going to be here with you guys every week going over the game plan. If you guys have any questions, any advice you want to give me I can go up there, run it up to Bobby, maybe you might be the winning factor that week, who knows.

I'll give you guys a little sneak peek. We're actually going to let Miami call our plays, and I'm not going to tell you what that means until after the game is over.

Miami, the first thing that comes to mind is hatred. We can't stand them, although there is a little bit of a respect. They're cocky, and when I say cocky I mean there's only a few defenses they're going to run. They're going to let you know what they're going to do and tell you to adjust accordingly because, like us, they have the talent to do so.

FSU will win if...

“Dominate every aspect of the game, we've got to dominate on offense, dominate on defense, and most importantly, is dominate on special teams.”

If it comes down to a kick...

“Florida State will win because if we're kicking the ball, Gary is going to make it, then if they're kicking it we don't have to worry about them kicking it because they're not going to get the snap."