Inside the Game - MMA Fighter Josh Samman

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The last time we saw Josh Samman was over the summer as he was training for his title fight in Mixed Martial Arts later that year, and on November 29, it was mission accomplished.
Samman says, "That was my goal. To be the title holder of a league and got this one and I'm fighting for the title of another league in Jacksonville called the RCC in April so that's exciting as well."
Now he's doing training of a different kind. Josh is working as a personal trainer. You would think that Josh could just focus on his championship fighting skills, but that's simply not the case.
Samman says, "Unfortunately for us, MMA is still not as big as boxing. The money is still not coming in as much as we'd like it to. My paychecks are getting better and big things are coming. That's what we're hoping for but it's still not paying all the bills."
Gold's Gym owner Jim Burtoft says, "Oh, we're excited about having him here. I think MMA is catching on. I think so many people are really, really familiar with it so that is one of the reasons that we are very, very excited about having him here. But that's what we're hoping for , is everybody will come out, meet him, see how nice he is and get a good work out in. That's what it's all about."
Josh says he likes teaching people how to better work out and that it helps him too. He has the Midas touch tow in gold. He hopes to continue that by winning over more clients and another belt this year.

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