FSU's Noemi Scharle makes big move

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Moving out of the house and into the college environment is a big step for any freshman, now try doing that in a different counrty. freshman tennis player Noemi Scharle is doing just that. She joins the Seminoles from Luxenbourg.

FSU Freshamn Tennis Player Noemi Scharle says,
"Well I was so nervous my first tournament up in Chicago. Before I just played individual tournaments so for me it was a new experience."

FSU Womens Tennis Head coach Jennifer Hyde adds,
"There's not a freshman that comes through here that's not nervous in their first matches. it was her first time wearing garnet and gold. She hadn't played on that surface as much. You're first match as a freshman always tends to be ridden with nerves. She got through the first set of the first match, it was a tight, I think 6-4, 7-5 first set and after that she just rolled the rest of the tournament. I think that she felt a little more confident and I think that's only going to come with more matches under her belt."

Her nerves escaped the eyes of her competitors. After being on the team for less than one month, Noemi was 3-0 at the Northwestern Wildcat Invitational in individuals, and helped beat the 36th ranked doubles team from DePaul. All honors led up for her being named ACC Tennis Player of the Week.

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