Seminole Spotlight

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Lorenzo Booker said, "WCTV Channel 6, it's me again. Just like last week, I'm going to give you the rundowns and all that stuff. We've got Troy this week. Obviously they're not as strong as the 'Canes, but look at the scouting report we get to scout Troy. It's this thick - it's a book!

I'm going to give you a look at Troy's defense to show you exactly why we're going to run the ball and pretty much do everything else we want to do. We're going to score 60 points on these guys. We're hungry; we've got something to prove.

Troy's defense, the reason we're going to be able to run the ball. Look at these 2 safeties... they're 20 yards back, now Miami was actually bringing this guy or this guy down whether it be weak or strong (side). That makes it 8 in the box. Let's check them out a little bit keep a good eye right here. See how they slant down like that. Here's a different angle. You get a better view of what I'm talking about. These guys pinch - Bam! So we've got all of these linemen pulling this way while Troy pinches in. We've got this wide receiver right here coming up on this Sam linebacker. The fullback comes outside, tries to pick up MDM. MDM is most dangerous man, so the first guy he sees, he's going to try and destroy. That leaves me one on one with who? This guy. And as I proved last week, that's a mismatch!

We're going to go ahead and get our stats back up. I know right now we're averaging one yard a game rushing, but after this week we should be right around 200 yards. But I'll see you guys next week."