Cause for Concern?

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Bobby Bowden said, "I'm more interested in being 2-0 than what our statistics for running are."

And those statistics aren't pretty. After two ballgames, Florida State ranks 118th out of 119 Division One schools in rushing averaging less than one yard per carry. Definitely cause for concern, right?

Drew Weatherford said, "To be honest, after watching the film, no, there's a lot of things, the offensive line blocked well, the backs would make a good read."

Part of the reason the Seminoles aren't ready to panic is it isn't anything FSU is doing, but what opposing defenses are forcing them to do.

Bowden said, "I think we're running a little bit better than a year ago. It doesn't look like it because a lot of times defenses dictate to you when to run they're going to bring everyone up on the line of scrimmage on the run."

But to beat better teams, the Noles know they have to find some success on the ground.

Weatherford said, "I just feel like we need to click. We had a really tough game against Miami, which I think hurt our confidence running the ball, but I think we'll be better."

And a better running game may lead Bowden and the Noles to 3-0.