Outside the Athlete: 4Klay Bike Riders

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If you ask Hank and Beau Evans about riding bikes, you get your typical reaction.

Hank Evans said, "Lot's of fun. I like going around the loop section over there on the left, it's the most funnest part."

But if you ask them why they ride, that response is not.

Hank said, "I was going to win the National Championship for Uncle Klay because he got burnt bad."

Terry Evans said, "Their Uncle Clay was 70 percent burned from his head to his knees and Fox Racing put on 4Klay on the back of their pants for them to race for."

The Evans boys raced in the Grand Nationals this month and honored their uncle well with Beau finishing fourth nationally and Hank fulfilling his goal winning the national championship.

Evans said, "I was going to win the race for him."

And with the victory Klay will get a special gift.

Terry said, "It's for him. We're going to have them put in a case and given to him. It's very emotional, the whole family cried when they first saw the gear, they showed Klay the gear, he's coming out of a medically induced coma, they show him the gear and he started crying. It's been a good inspiration for everyone involved."