FSU Still Has More Questions Than Answers

Drew Weatherford said, "We haven't had the light come on yet, hopefully it comes on sooner than later."

Heading into week four, the Florida State offense is still looking for answers, and the first question is how do they find continuity.

Weatherford said, "It's tough, it's been all about consistency, we haven't been consistent in any area of the game whether it be running the ball or throwing the ball or doing one or the other, we're not doing either one well."

And no consistency has translated to few points particularly early. In three games the Noles "O" has scored just three points in the first half.

Cory Niblock said, "I don't know what the reason for that is, but we've got to come out strong first half which we haven't been doing so we've got to correct our mistakes and get it run quick."

Bobby Bowden said, "You simply have to get better field position and then quit making errors if we don't have errors, I think we stop ourselves more than anything."

One loss does not signal the end of the season, but Florida State doesn't have much room for error if they want another ACC title.

Weatherford said, "It puts a lot of pressure on us as a team but this had been a team that's performed well under pressure I feel like, and I feel like it'll be no different this time. I feel like we'll respond and we'll play well the rest of the season."