3rd Annual Cliff Hammonds' Basketball Skillz Camp

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Basketball camp at Cairo High School helped some kids on their game.

The 3rd Annual Cliff Hammonds' Basketball Skillz Camp does more than just help with basketball, though.

"This is a great opportunity for the kids to come out and showcase their skills and a chance to get better in everyday life, and an opportunity in basketball as well," said camp instructor Darrie Stephens.

"We're just trying to get, the kids in the community to get involved in basketball and trying to teach them the fundamentals of basketball and the discipline that it takes to play basketball and to play any sport," said Hammonds.

Hammonds graduated from Clemson in 2008 where he played basketball. He also played at Cairo High School, and was no stranger to awards and honors.

At Cairo, Hammonds was the Class 4A State Player of the Year in Georgia. At Clemson he was a member of the 2008 All-ACC Team.

Now he plays in Germany professionally, but enjoys coming home to help the kids.

"They come out and love the game like we love the game. We have a lot of players, ex-Cairo High players, all region, some all state, all area players helping out with the camp, we have a couple of college players helping out with the camp," said Hammonds.

"They are helping me with my skills, my dribbling, my basketball post moves, scoring getting to the basket," said Camper Keon Bogan.

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