Coaches React to NCAA's Sanctions

It is important to know that in FSU's internal investigation, and in the NCAA's complete inspection, there was no evidence found that any of FSU's coaches were involved in the wrongdoing...

Once again no coaches in any of the 10 sports were found to be involved in the academic cheating scandal that involved 61 student-athletes...

With that fact alone, you would think that would free the coaches up to speak their mind on the NCAA's rulings. Giving them the reasonable platform to talk about the loss of scholarships, the possible loss of past wins, or even the possible loss of past championships... Not quite.

It appears this scandal has even the vindicated coaches staying tightlipped about the whole situation..

"There will be no comment from me," said FSU Head Baseball Coach Mike Martin.

"We've known it was coming, it's not anything to be surprised with. It's time for us to move on with it and concentrate on those things we can control," said FSU Head Men's Basketball Coach Leonard Hamilton.

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