Outside the Athlete: Steven Wright

Joining the military wasn't just an idea Steven Wright came up with, it's in his blood.

Steven Wright said, "It all started with my dad. My father and my grandpa, they were all involved with the military. My dad was a sailor and my grandpa was in the Army and served in Korea, and I just have a very Patriotic family."

The Valdosta State sophomore found his chance to follow in his families footsteps his freshman year.

Wright said, "I was looking for some way to get involved with the military, being and officer and I came across this flier for PLC Platoon Leaders Class for the Marine Corp and I call the number and got involved with it."

And getting involved meant some rigorous training.

Wright said, "You don't get much sleep, they're always training you, they're always on you, the pressure they put on you they want to see how you react under pressure as close to battle as they can get it."

Of course, Wright could choose not to accept his commission once he's done with school, just don't expect that to happen.

Wright said, "It feels great, I can't believe I have an opportunity like this. I'm going to try and take full advantage of it."

And if that means going to battle for the Red, White and Blue, that's okay with him.