Outside the Athlete: Aaron Powell

Aaron Powell said, "I've always loved playing football since I was a kid. I never really wanted to play anything else."

Aaron Powell was never going to let anything stop him from being a football player.

Joe Roberts said, "He finds ways of getting things done. He's one of the hardest working kids we have on our football team."

Powell was born with only one full arm, and while football has never been a struggle, things haven't always been easy for NFC's sophomore kicker.

Powell said, "Most things I could adapt to, but there were all these kids that would say stuff about it, and that was a struggle, but I was able to shake it off and do things that people didn't think I could do."

In the process of proving doubters wrong, Powell has become a leader and an inspiration to teammates.

Roberts said, "He inspires these kids because they see the situation, they see him working hard, and it's nothing for him. He just shows up and plays as hard as he can."

Powell said, "I think I am (an inspiration.) Kids watch me and see if I can do stuff with only one full arm, then they can definitely be able to do it."

And every time he steps on the field Powell continues his dream of playing as well as lifting the hopes of anyone who watches.