Outside the Athlete: Janet Gavalas

Janet Gavalas comes from a family of golfers, so her recent district championship on the course was met with much celebration.

Janet Gavalas said, "It was exciting, I was happy; it was a lot of fun. My mom was there and she found out before I got back to the clubhouse and she was crying; it was good."

But the family’s golf connection pales in comparison to their connection to their heritage.

Gavalas said, "My mom and my dad are both Greek so my brother, sister, and I are 100 percent Greek."

And one of their family activities is Greek dancing.

"We've been Greek dancing, and that's been a major part of our lives. That's just been something that I love to do and ever since I could walk, really I've been dancing."

And in case you were wondering, they are your typical Greek family.

"Whenever we have family get togethers, it's not just your immediate family; it's everybody; like for graduation, you only get 35 invitations and she was like, ‘35 that's not going to work, we're going to need like 100 or more.’ I was like how many people do you plan on inviting?"

The answer when you're Greek, the whole family.