Seminole Boosters Paying More than $200,000 for FSU to Appeal NCAA

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In a year of steep budget cuts, it was a wonder how FSU could afford to appeal the NCAA ruling following an academic cheating scandal.

The school stands to lose wins across 10 sports from 2006 to 2007.

We reported last month that it was in fact FSU's Seminole Boosters footing the bill. And now WCTV has obtained documents showing how much Boosters have spent as FSU appeals to the NCAA.

One of the big reasons the school has appealed is because of one sport- Football.

Coach Bobby Bowden stands to lose 14 wins if this decision stands.

Seminole Boosters is footing the bill and these documents show the Boosters spent more than $220,000 dollars to fight.

The degree may prove otherwise, but Terry Womble never truly left Florida State.

Womble is a Seminole Booster. He pays fees to get tickets to football games.

Seminole Booster Terry Womble says, "I saw every home game at Doak Campbell in the '90s."

Womble's always there for the 'Noles...and now the Boosters organization is too.

The group is privately funded and supports the athletic department and scholarships among other things....and they're footing the bill as FSU appeals to the NCAA.

Records dating to November 2007 show that FSU hired a consulting firm called 'The Compliance Group.'

The Group charged FSU more than $208,000 dollars in fees like consulting, phone calls and flights.

In March 2009 as FSU prepared to appeal, they enlisted the Gray Robinson Law firm.

One of the attorneys charged $300 an hour, and in all FSU was charged more than $12,000 dollars.

In total, Seminole Boosters paid more than $220,000.

"I don't agree with my money going toward an appeal for someone who didn't necessarily play by the rules," says Womble.

Fellow Booster and lifelong fan Anthony Atkins is worried Coach Bowden's record will be cut short.

Bowden stands to lose 14 wins if the NCAA's decision stands.

"I think Joe Paterno's probably got somebody on the staff at the NCAA," says Atkins.

No one from the Boosters or Florida State were available to comment.

FSU should expect a response to their appeal to the NCAA later this month.

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